I get shit done!

I Get Shit Done! is a site devoted to chronicling, sharing and generally enjoying the pranks that we perpetrate on our friend, colleague and boss, one Beau Smithback.

The original prank, which sadly has no pictures to document it(UPDATE), took place when Beau gave his notice at the company he and I were both working for at the time. Feeling the need to mark this momentous occasion, I went to the nearby hardware store, purchased 10 feet of chain, a heavy-duty padlock and thoughtfully chained his steering wheel to his driver's seat. I also created a small scavenger hunt for the key to the padlock. I even made the clues accurate, a favor he still has not properly thanked me for, in the form of copious amounts of Skittles. Hint, hint. When I started working with Beau again, I naturally answered the cosmic call to once more bring a little more complication to his already chaotic life.

The larger pranks, such as moving everything that had been on the walls of his office to his ceiling, or seamlessly drywalling over his office door, are done while he is on vacation. The smaller pranks, among them filling his fridge with packing peanuts and parking his car on the lawn outside his office, are done when we find a spare moment.

The pranks are meant to be funny and cause the Chief to reconsider his choice of friends, but not do any permanent harm or damage. Kudos to Beau for his good and easy-going nature. At least, when he's not in the zone.