The names and corporations in this conversation have been changed to protect our valued customers. The name and timestamps of our all-too-trusting Chief remain unaltered.

9:26 PM Beau: J$#!#$!
  god, it sucks to be you
 Beau: $#$%#!$!
  i lauhged and said.... that's an expensive phone call
9:27 PM and the lady was like 'that's what we all thought'
 me: so, there is an up side
9:30 PM me: Moe is going to flip when he gets a bill for an emergency call
 Beau: i'm going to give her the option to wait for the am
 me: sporting of you
9:33 PM Beau: and
  it gets better
  amanda didn't call
  it was you
  i hate you
9:34 PM me: hahaha why didn't you call the # I left?
 Beau: i didn't get the number
  i said i knew it
 me: hahahaha
 Beau: well...
  that's embarrasing
 me: just a little
 Beau: i pulled up the spreadsheet and called her at home
9:35 PM got her up
 me: hahahahaha
 Beau: i
9:36 PM me: I know